Fall wood bead wreath

DIY, Home Decor

I’m so much into all things Halloween that I can’t really ever remember making a fall wreath. After scouring Pinterest for what turned into too many hours, I found a similar wreath by Lolly Jane to inspire me to make my own. I don’t exactly know what style this is, but I’ve seen these wooden balls in a lot of farmhouse decor.

I love that it’s a little non-traditional vs. a traditional grapevine wreath. I wanted to challenge myself to do something I’ve never done before. I knew I wanted a wreath with woodsy, muted, natural fall colors.

And the hunt for supplies begins…

It was a little difficult to find all the necessary supplies, but here are the supplies and where I found them:

Wooden wreath form – Michael’s ($7)

1 1/2″ wooden ball knobs – Hobby Lobby (3 pkg. @ $4.99 each)

Floral wire, E600 glue – Wal-Mart (around $5)

Floral stems – JoAnn’s (varies, I spent around $20)

Mini pumpkins – JoAnn’s ($1.99)

I searched Hobby Lobby and JoAnn’s for this wooden wreath form. The only place I found it was at Michael’s. And you need this glue, trust me. Hot glue just won’t hold like this stuff will – especially if you’re putting it outside. It does take a few hours to dry in case you are super impatient like me.

This was also a hard supply to locate. (Maybe because these farmhouse ball things are trending??) I was able to find them at Hobby Lobby. I purchased 3 bags @ $4.99 each. Not the cheapest, but I did use my 40% Hobby Lobby coupon. You might be able to find a deal on Amazon also. Be sure that they have a flat bottom – the flat edge is what you’ll glue to the wreath form. They may also be referred to as “split balls.”

The best part is picking out fall floral stems. I wanted a more natural, rustic look, so I chose some rusty colors combined with lots and lots of texture. You’ll want to get a variety to make it look interesting. (Also, I had a TON left over for future projects.)

I found all my floral stems and these cute mini pumpkins at JoAnn’s. I caught them at 40% off.

Starting your wreath…

You’ll want to glue the wooden balls about 2/3 of the way around your wreath form to leave space to attach your floral stems. It will end up looking something like this:

Next, you can start layering in some of your more flat floral stems. I put down my greenery first and began wiring it around the wreath form.

Just keep layering your floral stems until you get a design you like. Don’t be afraid to trim the stems so they are easier to work with. Wiring them in can be a bit time consuming, so be prepared. But it’s worth it! I did hot glue some small pieces in towards the end.

In the end, despite the struggle with locating some of the supplies, I’m very happy with how it turned out – totally worth the effort!

Happy fall, y’all!

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